Interview by The Paula Rose ~ Poet Feon Davis Volume

2 Footsteps of Faith, and Footsteps of grace

CUP RUNNETH OVER" PUBISHED IN Divine Inspirations- September Issue {Magazine one of NY TIMES POPULAR MAGAZINES }"PALM OF HIS HAND"PUBISHED IN Divine Inspirations-August Issue "My Flight Is Endless"PUBISHED IN Divine Inspirations-October issue site His Words Through My Spirit inspirational poetic essay published In "Divine magazine" issue October and December Issue. The Blessed room Magazine - entitled Address his word, Redeemr of The Broken Audio book by First Podcast Encouragement- entitled Poem Fear Not Little Flock by Feon Davis the Sisthahs Ministry E-Newsletter ~ entitled poem "Manifested My Soul" featured in Issue2007 Breakwater Newspaper of Carteret Community College & Paper Wings Issue 1995-1996-entitled Poem "Open The Door" Tank Newsletter of Tangerine Sky Productions - Issue 2006 entitled Poem "Think" The Visual Messenger by Roo palmer Featured in Issue 2006 Inspirational Station Christian Magazine online for Children- entitled Poem "Blessed Child" and "Christmas Time" Issue 2006 Sisters In The Lord Online Magazine Interviewed by Kevin Scott collier September 05 2006 Featured entitled Poem "Love Me Heart And Soul My Black Man"
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Your word is my lamp for my feet, a light for my path. Psalm 119:105

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