My Brother Is Jesus

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Your word is my lamp for my feet, a light for my path. Psalm 119:105
He is my right hand, My brother is Jesus, When I need an right hand in front, And behind he is there, My brother he is free with eagle, And not the beast of evil, But the tanned gentle as a lamb, My brother is Jesus from your open hand of my hand, I ask my brother Jesus, And he smiles with reply, This is my blessing for you plentiful in gracious doves, And before me is my brother sparrow at flight, My brother Jesus persisted in the good flight And in time of rebirth you shine upon us, My brother I see clearly from out of the storm, And you will send our answered prayers, My brother is Jesus, And I know I am the calmness of spirit within, A child of your brotherly love Jesus, Therefore, I am your creation shelter us always at your bosom.
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