Golden Words

Design Digitally New banners and previous banners. More to come Soon. Simple banners $3.00 with your web site url, name or email. options available. A cart will be provided along with options. Thank you. Email: any details, url, to add on banner. Please be ware that my skills are a blessing from God. And there is no refunds. Just know I will not give up on any inspiring site I design a banner for. I will not do gloomy, or use profanity of any kind on any banner. Or for someone. Thank you.
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Your word is my lamp for my feet, a light for my path. Psalm 119:105
InThe Arms of God.Com
As shown i do shadow with colors,  non shadowing and different fonts depending how well they are read.
Dimesion 300wide x 250long, 300x100,320x50, 300x600,336x280, 120x600,468x60.
Price $3.00each You will be email your banner after you purchase only.