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My Collection of Prayer Poems For The Christian At Heart ISBN 978-0-692-00303-9 Price $20.00 (on sale $19.00 Free shipping) (4+1Free gift Christian Faith base poem cards) 8.5x11 Binding: Plastic bound ( may come thermal bounded or booklet form instead) page count: 52 100 poems Autograph by Author Feon Davis {optional} One Free bookmark included with each order Allow 2-4 days for this book reach your destination. Allow few few minute for the process to to go through please. Click Checkout button to use any credit cards even debit card.
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Your word is my lamp for my feet, a light for my path. Psalm 119:105
As I was reading through the many pages of poems (some 100 pages), it becomes clear that Father wants us to lean on Him, asking Him to solve all of our problems, guide us and our children, hold our hand when we are lonely and love us tightly when everything around us, is spiraling out of control. In  “Joined in Spirit”, Feon asks and answers: “Are we some pieces scattered? In God’s arms we are whole. ”If you’re looking for the traditional poetry phrasing full of iambic pentameter and other formulas, you won’t find it in  these pages. Feon’s style is all her own or should I say, Father’s own! For example, In “Many Ways God Loves”, I am delighted to know: “Laughter in lifting up hopes and dreams, blessings from talents/ No weren’t not perfect, but good enough to him.”In “Butterfly Spirit”, after watching the fluttering movement of a Butterfly, Feon confesses:“I can clearly say God lives. ”More than poetry, it’s an autobiography telling of a life, in the name of Jesus. Feon wakes up the English language, so it can dance easily with Father God. In her words:“As you feel the spirit about you know in time it will be in his time. ”This book is a “treasure among the ruble.” Book Review by Paula Brown ~Shop at : SepiaJoyce today Ms Davis poetry will soothe one’s spirituality. Her book is a must for all Christians, Pick up your copy today. You will not be disapppointed. Continue on God’s Path Sister Davis.  Your brother In Christ.  by C.T. Adams III - Ujamaa Christian Poetry: 

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ISBN:1515305570 / 9781515305576 Autography by Author Feon Davis US   Page Count:90 Binding Type:US Trade Paper Trim (paperback) Size:5.5" x 8.5" Language: English Color:Black and White Related  Categories: Poetry / Women Authors Please allow 2-4 days for orders please
Feon believes that everyone is special, and that our own sense of uniqueness  should be celebrated  through poetry. She communicates the sense that we  are all individuals and we should be free to express ourselves through poetry, tapping into those inner reserves in the way that God intended,to empower us. Poetry offers peace, and Feon's lovely words release people from the stresses and strains of their every day lives, taking them on a journey, walking in the  'Footsteps of Grace'.

Footsteps of Grace

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